Rubber Antioxidant PAN(A)

CAS No. 90-30-2

Molecular Formula: C16H13N

Other Synonyms: N-Phenyl-1-naphthylamine

Packaging: 25kg per bag

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Rubber Antioxidant PAN (A) is a high-performance product that offers excellent protection to rubber products against degradation caused by heat, oxidation, and other environmental factors. Its key features and benefits include:

Outstanding Thermal Stability: Rubber Antioxidant PAN (A) provides exceptional thermal stability to rubber products, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers operating in high-temperature environments.

Excellent Oxidation Resistance: Our product offers excellent protection against oxidation, ensuring that rubber products remain strong, durable, and resistant to cracking, breaking, and becoming brittle.

Low Volatility: Rubber Antioxidant PAN (A) is a low-volatility product that remains stable and effective over time, providing reliable protection against environmental factors.

Wide Compatibility: Our product is compatible with a broad range of materials used in the rubber manufacturing process, making it easy to integrate into your existing production processes.



Pale yellow or purple flake

Crystallizing point


Free amine (phenylamine)






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